Wednesday, March 9, 2016

My New Project - The Dream Box!

Hello beautiful people! And welcome to my next post. Today I'm going to share with you about a little D.I.Y. that I recently did. I call it a Dream Box, where you put little cute stuff inside a box! It brings a smile to my face whenever I glance at it. Here are my results:

In this project I used...

1. My favourite Shopkin (Petkin) Wendy Whistle. I think she's just so cute and PINK!

2. I love this owl key-chain my English teacher in grade 1 gave me for my birthday!

3. I bought this "Favorite Notebook" from DAISO Japan in Malaysia!

4. This "My Pad" is really cute and easy to carry around. Plus, it has a really amazing quote that I love, ' I know I'm not perfect, but I'm so close it scares me,'

5. I added a little extra bling by folding three sparkly, golden 3D paper stars and scattering them around the box.

6. Finally, the box. For it, I use a 'Duffy the Disney Bear' cookie box I got from DisneySea in Tokyo, Japan.

I think this is a really cute and fun idea and I hope you enjoy making it!

Alexis xx

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I Just Can't Wait! ( For Halloween and Etc. )

Hi again everyone!

-Halloween is just round the corner and I can't wait to go trick-or-treating at my cousins house. I'm going to dress-up as Briar Beauty from Ever After High.

-I simply cannot wait to paint my nails. I get most of my inspiration  from SaraBeautyCorner. I just love her DLY tutorials!

-Definitely trying out new hairstyles. I hate using bobby-pins, though!

-Tote bags! So stylish and sassy! Also cool and comfy!

-I really can't wait to end this post. I'm just so sleepy!

Sweet dreams for the future, y'all! ( That's so Applejack! )

Yawns, Alexis

Friday, January 30, 2015

2014 Holiday in Japan!

Hiya! During the 2014 Christmas holidays I went to Japan to have fun-in-the-snow. And oh what fun-in-the-snow I had-what a perfect way to end the year! I love, love, love winter, almost makes me wanna lie on the floor and make a snow angel (which would be weird during the summer).
                    1. First, we went to Haneda for a few days, but it wasn't really snowing there (although it's still really, really cold). We arrived there at night, so we couldn't really see how the village looked like. In the morning, we could see Tokyo's most famous mountain: Mt. Fugi! There was a perfect view from our main window so we took a couple of good-shots. We went to some high mountain with many things to do there. They sell lots of Mt. Fugi stuff, so we bought lots of them to keep-and-eat. We also got a key chain of Mt. Fugi! (It was a really cute one.) Aiden and I also ate: Black Eggs! If you eat one, you add-on seven years of life. If you eat two, you add-on fourteen years of life. If you eat three, you get bad luck. (NO GOING HIGHER THAN THAT!!!-EXTRA BAD LUCK) They were super, duper, uber, polo, giga-yummy!!!
                    2. Next, snoooooow!!! We went to Nagano, Nozawa Onzen Village to...SKI!!! Man, I love to ski. It's like my only hearts desire. Mommy told me that in Nozawa there are 13 onsens and they are all free! We stayed in the Nozawa Grand Hotel, so everyday we'd walk to the Nozawa Ski Resort, which is like, bigger than Nozawa itself! Nozawa is really small (it's just a village anyway). Mommy, Aiden and I will always go tubing down the slope before our ski lessons. I'll post the 'good-shots' next time. Mommy and I went to soak in the onsen in our hotel. Since it was snowing it was freezing cold when we had to transfer from the room into the onsen. So fun!
                    3. Lastly, we went back to Tokyo. In Tokyo we went to stay in a hotel called Dai-Ichi Hotel. We went to Palette Town in Odaiba, where they have a ferris wheel, a ginormous arcade and a Toyota cars, trucks, vans...etc. showcase exhibition. Then at night, Mommy and I went down shopping paradise streets Shibuya and Omote-Sando. Now, that was fun. Mommy and I also went to this shop called Alice on Wednesday. They sell everything Alice in wonderland. Even the entrance is a small, squeezy door. There are also accessories hidden in the shop and the only way to purchase them is to find them! Although we didn't find any, it was still polo-fun! Last but definetly not least, Disney Sea!!! I really loved King Triton's Castle. Lot's of underwater rides! I also sat on this roller coaster called The Journey to the Center of the Earth, it was really fun! I sat alone with Mommy because Daddy and Aiden didn't want to go. The wait was totally worth it! That's all for 2014's Christmas Holiday in Japan! I hop you enjoyed it as well just by reading!
Love, Alexis

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


O.M.G. Almost forgot about school! I've met so many new friends (and besties). Guess what!?!? I'm doing Choir for CCA this year! I did the try-out today and I loved it because I was singing Taylor Swift 'Shake It Off' at the top of my voice with Hui Ying. I was singing so loud that if the door was open the whole of New Zealand could hear me, and I mean it. I think I made a pretty good guess that this is gonna be a great year. I can't wait to make new friends, be taught by new teachers and last but not least, try doing science with fire and exploding stuff (and get an A+ while I'm at it). I wish everyone a happy, new school year. Remember, do your best and go for your dreams!

Love, Alexis

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Holly Jolly Christmas Everyone!

Hey everyone!

A Merry Cherry Christmas to all of you! I can't wait to open all my Christmas presents ever since I don't like to open my presents so early. Everyday I'm like "Should I open it...maybe not...or maybe I should because it looks so appealing..." And I just get so confused! Anyway, I really want to make this new year special. (well, better than the last one at least.)

Hugs and Kisses, Alexis

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dessert at cafe Galare.

Yesterday, Mommy brought Aiden and I to eat dessrt after lunch. I said I wanted ice cream, so Mommy brought us to a cafe called Galare. When it was time for us to choose the ice cream flavours, I chose Cookie Dough while Aiden chose Cookies and Cream and Dark Chocolate (he chose two scoops). When the ice creams arrived, I tried a little ball of cookie dough and I loved it! I ate the whole thing up in no time, not even needing my brothers help! Here is a pic of me eating the Cookie Dough ice cream. It was so delicious I had forgotten to take a pic of it when it wasn't eaten yet!

Xoxo, Alexis

Monday, June 23, 2014

High Tea at Mariott Cafe

This afternoon, Aiden, Mommy, Granny and I had high tea at the Marriott Cafe at the Marriott Hotel. I enjoy eating there because the desserts are so yummy!

First I took one Cheese Ball stick. Each stick has two balls. As I took one huge bite of the Cheese Ball, all the cheese squirted out! It was quite fun! Next I tried some yellow rice (bryani) and some chicken curry. If you put them together it becomes Nasi Bryani. it was so delicious but it was a bit too spicy. After that, I tried a rectangle shaped pizza, that was one of my favourites! Then it was time for the desserts. I grabbed a plate and took three yummy-looking cookies. Then I took some cake. Last but definitely not least, I landed at the Sticky Date Pudding. It was the best part! Here is a photo of the Sticky Date Pudding:

This is a pic of me about to lick Aiden! He hates people licking him!

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